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A local ham club here had this exact same thing happen about 5 years ago. The club name, hamfest and web site were all in one guy's name and he wouldn't give them up whenever the club members made some decisions that he didn't like. So the members formed a new club, set up a new site and hamfest with newsletter, and the club went on as before--it is doing fine today.  That guy was left with nothing but the bitter memory of dead friendships. 

73, Don Merz, n3RHT


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>Rochester Amateur Radio Assn
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>January, 2009
>Re: Help spread the TRUTH about the Rochester Hamfest.
>We need your help to clear the air. The Rochester Amateur Radio 
>Association, Inc. (RARA) has been producing the Rochester Hamfest 
>for the last 74 years.  For many years the Hamfest Committee 
>Chairman was Harold Smith, K2HC.  At the November meeting of the 
>RaRa BoD it was voted to change the venue and the time frame for the 
>Hamfest.  Harold refused to comply and was relieved of his 
>duties.  In defiance he refuses to cooperate and because Harold's 
>name is associated with the original Hamfest web site, the BoD at 
>this time does not have control of what is displayed there.  Since 
>RARA is the parent organization of the current, and past, Hamfest 
>Committee you can be assured that what RARA says in print and on the 
>web site " www.rochesterham.org" is the TRUTH.  The ARRL has already 
>recognized the change in venue and time frame and the "New Rochester 
>Hamfest" is the location of the Atlantic Division Convention for 
>2009. This can be verified at: 
>We realize how confusing this can be if people see Harold's postings 
>on the internet. We have requested he remove the confusing content 
>numerous times, each met with flat out refusal. It's disappointing 
>that someone who has put a great deal of effort into the event in 
>the past has taken up the position to confuse the public. This 
>certainly demonstrates his disloyalty to the club, the event, and 
>his fellow HAMS.
>We at RaRa would greatly appreciate it if you and could use your 
>channels of communications to inform other area HAMS of the TRUTH: 
>There will only be one Hamfest, not two, and The Rochester Hamfest 
>will be held Saturday May 30th, at the Barnard Carnival Grounds. 
>Further details are available at 
>"<http://www.rochesterham.org>www.rochesterham.org".  Warn them 
>that K2HC no longer has anything to do with the Rochester Hamfest 
>and people should disregard his solicitations for ticket 
>sales.  Admission tickets are now only $5.00 and being sold 
>exclusively at the gate. If anyone is still in disbelief, encourage 
>them to contact their ARRL representative for clarification.
>The 2009 Rochester Hamfest flyer can be downloaded here: 
>There will only be one Hamfest in Rochester.
>Thank you VERY much!
>Frank Schramm
>President, Rochester Amateur Radio Assn Inc.

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