[AMRadio] Why KD5CPL hasn't been on the air for six months.

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Wed Jan 28 15:27:45 EST 2009


I sure am sorry to hear of your situation.  I haven't been on that much
myself, so I didn't know you had been absent.  You are a good guy Gary, and
we will all pull for you.  I've just recently found out I've got something
called statin myopathy caused by taking a med for cholesterol control.  Same
stuff that's in Lipitor and some others...  I don't yet know if I will
recover from this, however it also causes complete breakdown of muscle
tissue all over your body, and the pain is horrible.

I know you've thought of this, but it sure would be nice if someone could
come by and get one of your rigs by the bedside with some sort of device you
could key the rig with and talk.  It would make the time go by a lot nicer
for you.  On the other hand, like me, you may not feel much like talking.

All the best Gary, and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Brian / wa5am
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