[AMRadio] Why KD5CPL hasn't been on the air for six months.

Bob Peters rwpeters at swbell.net
Wed Jan 28 17:55:18 EST 2009

For all of us that do not understand what Gary has
here is the discussion...Let's all keep Gary in
our Prayers and thoughts...

Transverse myelitis: A disease of the spinal cord
in which there is demyelination (erosion of the
myelin sheath that normally protects nerve
fibers). The onset of the disorder is typically
sudden. Symptoms include back pain followed by
ascending weakness in the legs. There is no cure.
Many patients are left with permanent disabilities
or paralysis. Transverse myelitis occurs alone and
in combination with demyelination of other parts
of the nervous system. It may be associated with
multiple sclerosis.

Bob W1PE

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Hi Gary,

Hang in there.  I have a friend who is a Pacemaker
doctor and has 
written an article for QST about the problem with
ham radios.  But I 
caution that you should listen to your own doctor.

Check the back issues at  www.arrl.org/   if you

Jul 1994 QST  page 34 by Weber, Fred, AA2KI

Pacemakers, Interference and Amateur Radio

[PDF: 1,118,434 bytes]

We're all pulling for you.

73, John Dilks, K2TQN

At 01:49 PM 1/28/2009, you wrote:
>My name is Gary Carson.  I am a frequent reader
of this 
>reflector.  I participate in 75/80 meter
operation several times a 
>month from Oklahoma City (or at least I did).
>I have contracted a rare disease known as
Transverse Myelitis.  At 
>the present time I have no use of my legs or
hands, and very limited 
>use of my arms.  I've also been in the hospital
this entire 
>time.  There are several of you that I am used to
talking to on a 
>frequent basis and would just like to say hi and
I hope that I am 
>able to get back on one of these days.  I hope I
don't end up 
>selling my boat anchors over this.  During the
initial assessment of 
>the problems I was fitted with an internal
pacemaker.  They are not 
>usually compatible with ham radio.  I also have
bought in the last 
>few months a transmitter that will be physically
too big for me to 
>work on unless I get much better.  I can't make
myself sell it 
>yet.  It is capable of being remotely operated,
just that I'm not.
>I just wanted to let my friends know why I've not
been heard 
>from.  I called Jim W5JO yesterday and let him
know.  But since my 
>daughter is sitting here taking this as dictation
I thought I'd try 
>to go ahead and send something out myself, also.
I hope to get back 
>on the air.  Please feel free to post this on the
AMFone if somebody 
>wants to, although I don't know as many of that
group as I do this 
>one, or any other AM related site.  I hope this
is not the end of my 
>ham career.  It is out of my hands at the present
>Gary Carson KD5CPL

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