[AMRadio] List Misconceptions

John M Carrington M.D. jmc05 at charterinternet.com
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Excellent discussion!!

John WB5CW
31 year good friend of Brian!

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A couple things come to mind that probably warrant addressing. Some folks
mistakenly think the following: - A quiet list is a bad list - An email
listserve/reflector is a democracy with free speech rights A quiet list is
not the same as a dead list. There are times of the year when online
activity wanes a bit, particularly once the weather improves and folks spend
more time outside, with family, anywhere but online. Some take the silence
to mean 'any' traffic is better than none. Not so. While we have wandered of
topic on items not directly related to amateur AM radio (the broadcast
industry comes to mind), it's important to keep in mind why we're here.
Spirited debates on such things as contesting, DXing, FCC rules and such
take place from time to time but tend to run their course quickly. Of all
the lists like this I've belonged to over the years, none has been a true
free-speech/anything goes forum. More accurately, they are basically a
benevolent dictatorship. They have basic, simple rules, are of great benefit
to belong to if you're into that interest as well as a way to meet
like-minded folks. While I try not to take online activity any more
seriously than amateur radio, old cars, or any other interest, it's
important to keep in mind that the list owner has final say, moderators
merely being an extension of the listowner's views. I've been on this list
since the mid-90s and always felt Brian did an excellent job with it. He's
always been in it for the right reasons, always willing to listen to others,
and taking more crap than any one person should have to in an effort to
please the members. Brian is also the original founder of AMfone.net, which
later came to encompass W2INR's AM Classifieds and the BB function of
WB3HUZ's AM Window. Those are the three guys I credit for doing the most for
the mode of amateur AM online. I also know a lot of jokes. Few of them would
qualify for prime time broadcast. Even if it was allowed here, I'd not tell
them because it's a certainty that someone would be offended, inevitably
including some friends. It isn't about stifling freedom of speech, political
correctness or anything more than common sense. If you wouldn't say it in
front of your mother, your 10 yr old daughter, the new neighbors who moved
in yesterday or a group of strangers, that should be a clue. If you *would*,
perhaps some time away from the keyboard brushing up on your social skills
is more important. Likewise, if you have to preface a post with "Couldn't
resist" or "I know this doesn't belong here", take a breath and let it go.
Don't hit the 'Common Sense Override' switch. Most of us wander off topic a
bit from time to time, or forget to clip excess text when quoting, but we
try to improve. Blatantly and intentionally going against the rules invites
removal. Especially when the moderators offer warning after warning. Thanks
for the read, and thanks to Brian for his labor of love for this list, as
well as to Jim for his incredible patience and kind-hearted warnings when
things head in the wrong direction. Both have tolerated a lot more than many
others would. ~ Todd, KA1KAQ/4 AMbassador
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