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Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Tue Jul 7 15:13:38 EDT 2009

Hi Jim Tonne and gang,

I used Smart FTP for years and when I bought a new computer 
recently, I noticed that they wanted to charge for the program.  I 
can't afford on my budget to pay for a program that I will not use 
much and  I don't maintain a web page so there is no need to 
purchase one for my limited purposes.

So I downloaded FileZilla which I found to be easy to use and quite 
a nice program.  I tried to upload the manual to BAMA but could 
never connect to the upload folder.  Ken explained the FileZilla 
along with several other FTP programs have a tendency to worm around 
in an FTP server by establishing two connections and because many 
people try to download the entire BAMA site, SBC has prohibited it 
along with several other FTP programs.

Clay mentioned the resident FTP part of DOS and I must confess there 
are so many commands in DOS that I have forgotten that I probably 
would die before relearning how to use it.  So now I have confessed. 
As for Netscape-Firefox and other browsers, I have used them before 
but never have liked them  The last time I used Firefox it locked my 
computer and it took a while to get it going again.  So I am stuck 
with IE which I do fine using, and, thankfully, there are people 
like Jim//WB2FCN who will help a poor boy.

So if you guys want to upload or download using the SBC site, be 
sure to read the directions.  Ken mentions several things about FTP 
programs and the use of Windows Explorer that you should know.  Ken 
and the host (SBC) is very kind to provide this service to us and I 
want to publically thank him and them.  Believe me having a public 
and popular site like BAMA is a headache for which, they aren't 
paid.  I scanned and sent my manual because some guys said the 
quality of the current one wasn't good.  So if you have manuals that 
fit Ken's requirements, his is most accommodating and great to work 
with on this project.  He is also a great AM person too.

Thanks to all for their suggestions and help.



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> I use FileZilla ( i.e., current version) and am very
> pleased with it.  Quite capable, free, easy to use.
> I agree that getting all the Is dotted and the Ts crossed in
> the initial setup of an FTP program is the most difficult
> part.
> - Jim Tonne

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