[AMRadio] Just Gotta Have One of These!

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sun Jul 12 14:20:14 EDT 2009

Clever idea!  In the same class as the combination butcher block and kitty 
litter box.

> Talk about a Useless combination!
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> Connex CX-33TLM3 10 Meter Radio with MP3 Player and LCD Display
> The Connex CX33TLM3 is the first 10 meter radio on the market that has a
> built-in MP3 player that can play songs stored on either a USB Flash card 
> or
> SD card. There are a pair of L/R speaker outs in the back so you can 
> listen
> in stereo instead of just a single speaker. There's also an auxiliary 
> input
> on the back making it easy to connect an iPod or other portable audio
> device.
> The LCD not only gives you a variety of ways to view the metering, but it
> also allows you to display pictures stored on the SD or USB cards.
> Features
> Accessories
> Dimensions
> Built-in MP3 Player with Stereo External Speaker Jacks
> 1 1/4 X 1 1/2" LCD Display: Displays Metering and Photos Stored on SD or 
> Card
> Approx. 45 Watts Modulation
> Dual Control Echo
> Hi/Med/Low RF Power Switch
> AM/FM/PA Modes
> Noise Blanker/Automatic Noise Limiter
> 6 Frequency Bands


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