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Jeff Bishop w7id at gscwireless.net
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I'll take the:

Triad Filament transformer.  

Jeff, W7ID

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Add shipping to prices.
Will use UPS flat rate if possible and advantageous.

Halldorson P9306 NOS in box.  117 VAC; 340-0-340 VAC @ 70 ma;
    5 VAC @ 2 A;  6.3 VAC @ 2.5 A,  Full shielde. Verttical.
     2 1/4" x 2 1/4" mounting holes.  Leads color codes on box &
    Transformer.  $20.00.  5 lbs SW

Stancor P6003  NOS in box.  115 VAC:350-0-350 VAC @70 ma;
    2.5 VAC @ 9.0 A;  5 VAC @ 2 A. Instructions.
    Fully shielded, Horizontal recess mounting. 2 3/4" x 2 5/16" 
    mounting bolt holes.  $25.00.   4.5 lbs SW.

Triad Filament transformer. Looks new.  No box.  Fully shielded
    Upright.  115 VAC;  6.3 VAC @ 6 A ct.  Mounting holes 2" x 2",
    $9.00  3.5 lbs. SW.
Stancor  Choke.  C1002  NOS in box.  Unshielded. U-frame.
    Mounting holes 3 1/4" apart. $5,00  2.5 lbs. SW

Stancor PC8406  Fully shielded. Vertical. 117 VAC;  325-0-325
    VAC @ 40 ma;  5 VAC @ 2 A;  6.3 VAC @ 2 A.  Small paint 
    scrapes.  Leads color codes on label.  Tested and megged.
    $7.00.  3.5 lbs. SW.

Stancor A4774  NOS in box.  Universal Interstage. Turns ratio
    3:1.  Split secondary.  Has paper, but says "A4773", but 
    is probably same enough.  $10.00.

UTC  O-2  NOS in box.  Miniature. cylindrical above chassis type,
    but has no mounting  flanges, clamps, or whatever. Terminals
    on the bottom.    $5.00.  1/4 lb SW.

UTC H-15. NOS in damaged box.   Miniature. Cylindrical above 
    chassis type. Pair of mounting flanges at base.Terminals on
    the bottom.
        "Transformer to line. Pri:1500 ct.
        Secondary: 500/125 Split.  100 mw.
        +/- 2 Db  100 - 100K CYC
        Mil-T 27A"
        "175 WV Pk."
    $5.00  1/4 lb. SW.

Thordarson 6409 Choke.  Used.  Megged.  19.7 Hy @ 150 ma.
    Fully shielded vertical.  Terminals on side. Paint scrapes.
    4 5/8" high.  Mounting holes 2 3/4" x 2 1/4 " $9.00  8 lbs SW.

Thordarson T70R62 (Have yet to locate in catalog) Used.
    Fully shielded.  Verical.  5" high.  Mounting holes 3 1/4" x 3".
    Megged.  $9.00  9.5 lbs SW.

Modulation transformer. Potted.  Megged. Above chassis. Used.
    11 ceramic insulated terminal on bottom   .
       The following, in quotes,  is what I have been  able to read 
    off the top, which has the diagram, too.
    "No: 677-2388-00         Class 1-A"
    "Div. of
      ___S_ X    Wire Corporation
    Chicago, ILL"      
    Pri:  Push Pull
    Secondary: (Three windings)
        600 ohms ct.
        2400 ohms @ 350 ma.
        50_ ct (?)
    $15.00  (I forgot to weigh it.) Abt 12 - 15 lbs.

Methods of payment:  PayPal preferred. (which includes
popular credit cards)  Otherwise, personal checks, USA
Sell to anyone anywhere, but will ship USA only.

Eugene Rippen, WB6SZS

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