D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Jul 24 16:02:26 EDT 2009

Here we go again...

> FOR SALE, Harris Meadalist 12 STEREO Broadcast Audio Console. This is a 12 
> input stereo console. Has built in que amp, 2 digital timers and many 
> other features. Has 5 analog VU meters of which 2 need replacement. Many 
> other features. All solid state. Rack mounted external power supply 
> included. Dimensions: IN INCHES: 20D X 11H X 49H. Weight: 80Lbs, not 
> including power supply. The physical condition is good. There is some 
> magic marker labeling on the slider housings which will come off with a 
> bit of elbow grease. Inside is very clean.
> Very comprehensive original manual included.
> This console was used in a church and was in working condition when 
> replaced with a larger board. No further testing has or will be done.
> Please contact me off list if you are interested.?


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