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I'm afraid that the days of radio nomenclature decals are long gone just like my youth.........I am however working (when I get a frikkin' chance) on a project called Frankenmitter (813 rig out of '55 handbook with a Flex-1000 SDR for the VFO and receiver) and bought some dry transfer letter sets from a local art supply to lable the panels with.

I made a template to align the lettering and dial scales in CAD and printed the templates onto overhead projector type transparent sheets. I aligned the templates over on the panel and taped then on one or two edges then slid the dry transfer sheet under the template until the letters on the template and on the dry transfer sheet lined up. I then flipped the template up and rubbed the dry transfer letters onto the panel. It's a one letter at a time chore, but if it's worth doing, it's worth over doing.

After all the lettering was done, I sprayed the panel with several thin coats of matte fixative to protect the lettering. BTW I had painted the panels with wrinkle paint, and lettering went on just fine.

Bill AD5OL

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I'm restoring some old Gonset gear and need to replace some of the worn white lettering that has seen better days.
Does anyone still sell decals or dry transfer lettering?

I would prefer full word lettering for electronics over individual letters

I can create my own decals on the computer but not in white.

K6KWQ  Dick
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