[AMRadio] decals

Van K7VS wa7fab at cdsnet.net
Wed Jul 29 01:46:32 EDT 2009

I used rub on transfer letters on the bottom two panels, everything on the 
back of each of three chassis and on the top of each chassis.  I had to cut 
up some of the words picking out three of four letters from other words to 
run together for what I wanted on the panels.  Worked just great.  You can 
see the results on my restore Globe King 500A.  Just go to qrz.com, my call 
and click on the pix in upper right hand corner.  I was very well satisfied.

Other option, I discovered after doing all this work, was I could have take 
the panels to a GOOD screen print shop.  They can shoot a pix of what you 
have, match up the letter font and style and erase and overlay the lettering 
and any logos and simply silkscreen the front panel.  They told me they 
would do it for 125 bucks.  I wish I had talked to them first.  But 
everything turned out great but took me some time to do the panels by hand. 
I would have glady paid them for the work, but the suggestion from them came 
after the fact.  Van, K7VS 

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