[AMRadio] decals

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Jul 29 22:14:00 EDT 2009

I can't speak to the quality of this stuff, but it is a site I ran 
across a few years back. I kept it because it is one place that says 
they can do white with an inkjet printer on their paper.

They also can do the decals for you.


Maybe it can be of use to someone.



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> Dick,
> You need to beg, borrow, or gain access to (and I realize this is 
> quite
> esoteric) an ALPS MD 1000 or MD 5000 dye sublimation printer. 
> Those
> printers are the only ones I know of that can print white (a 
> plethora of
> other colors, too).  They'll print on anything, including 
> water-slide
> decal film.
> Failing that, Google "custom decals" and "model railroad" and I'll 
> bet a
> shiny new dime you'll find someone who can do it for you.
> regards,
> Mahlon - K4OQ

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