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Ken Zuercher hepcatrevival at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 29 22:21:15 EDT 2009

To All
Back in the early 80s, most of us Broadcast Engineers here in Toledo were hams (those of us left still are). We started an informal "Out to lunch club". We all bought Heath Twoers and put them on the air. We would meet semi regularly but it slowed down. We had on stipulation. One could spend no more than $20 on the whole setup! most uf us found Twoers cheap as no one wanted them then (probably still don't). The antennas were wire and wood beams or if you had a Ringo Ranger up it was OK. One of us even found an unbuilt kit and finished it. His worked better than mine as I only could get about a quarter watt out. We were spread out with a radius of about 20 miles. Reception was generally OK but we eventually lost interest or some of us moved away. I still have the Twoer. Does anyone ever use these in other parts of the country?

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> From: Bry Carling <bcarling at cfl.rr.com>
> Subject: [AMRadio] 2m AM
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> Date: Wednesday, July 29, 2009, 9:39 PM
> The most popular spot for AM
> operation on 2m is 144.450 MHz in the USA.
> Part of the reason for this is the availability of
> crystal;s on and around 8025 
> kHz.
> Most hams who operated 2m AM for any length of time
> particuarly 
> in the heyday of AM would possess a number of crystals
> ranging 
> from just above 8000 kHz to about 8050 kHz.
> 73 - Brian "Bry" Carling, AF4K
> From:       
>        jon baker <ad5hr1 at yahoo.com>
> >   Just got off the ARRL website, the
> band from 145.500 to
> >  145.800 is listed as "misc. and experimental
> modes".
> >   Seem AM would fit in here? Hmm, a
> pair of 6146's mod.
> >  by a pair?? Sounds fun!!
> >   Speaking of 2 meters, last weekend I
> built up a balanced-
> >  line tuner for 144Mhz, fired up the D.C. to
> Daylight Ricebox,
> >  and My first QSO was with Raphael(XE2OR) for
> real DX! 
> >   I'm talking about loading up the same
> 80M. loop at 33 feet
> >  that I use on 75M. A.M.phone! Also talked to
> several Houston
> >  area Hams abt. 200 Mi. from here.
> >   Fire up those old Boatanchors, I'll
> listen in that band.
> >      73 es CUL
> >      de AD5HR
> >        Jon
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