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manualman manualman at juno.com
Wed Jul 29 22:37:58 EDT 2009

145.5 to 145.8 mHz  is probably a good place to settle. 144.3 to 144.5
mHz is the new designated OSCAR subband. Also, there is a "study
committee" in the making to research and consider developing a plan to
move the US amateur community to narrowband channel spacing for VHF/UHF.
I would assume the reference is to FM channels because there's a
reference that the current band plan uses 15 and 20 kHz FM channels.
However, it may also be a great opportunity to finally buttonhole  a 2
meter AM calling frequency if a new 2 meter band plan evolves.

Pete, wa2cwa

On Wed, 29 Jul 2009 21:39:50 -0400 "> From:                   jon baker
<ad5hr1 at yahoo.com>
> >   Just got off the ARRL website, the band from 145.500 to
> >  145.800 is listed as "misc. and experimental modes".
> >   Seem AM would fit in here? Hmm, a pair of 6146's mod.
> >  by a pair?? Sounds fun!!
> >   Speaking of 2 meters, last weekend I built up a balanced-
> >  line tuner for 144Mhz, fired up the D.C. to Daylight Ricebox,
> >  and My first QSO was with Raphael(XE2OR) for real DX! 
> >   I'm talking about loading up the same 80M. loop at 33 feet
> >  that I use on 75M. A.M.phone! Also talked to several Houston
> >  area Hams abt. 200 Mi. from here.
> >   Fire up those old Boatanchors, I'll listen in that band.
> >      73 es CUL
> >      de AD5HR
> >        Jon

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