[AMRadio] Gonset communicator

RICHARD GEORGE k6kwq at msn.com
Wed Jun 3 17:50:16 EDT 2009

Somewere out there someone has got Gonset communicator documentation. I have 
used all the sourses I can find on the internet such as Bama, manual 
suppliers, CD's, and what have you.  I'm working on a six meter 
communicator, It does not say one two or 3 on the front, but is an early 
model that uses screw driver adjustments for all the tuning controls on the 
front. I have 2 of these complete. Both appear to be pretty much the same 
and use a subminature pencil tube that is refered to in some of the 
docummentation but not in any of the schematics. It is a 6bg7 and appears to 
be in the Squelch circuit, the area that is not working correctly. On the 
schematics I have they show this being a 9002 tube.

Someone must have the correct docummentation for these as I own 2 of them 
both being purchased in different parts of the country.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

K6KWQ Dick
 Amps by "MORE POWER" 

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