[AMRadio] Contest plans

Ellen Rugowski ellenjoanne2003 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jun 13 09:18:34 EDT 2009

Being a longtime VHF/UHF weak signal operator (been doing it since I was in 
college in the 80s), I will be on for the VHF QSO party on 6, 2, & 432 SSB & 
CW.  I will also make a serious effort to listen around 50.4 for some 6m AM, 
contest or buzzard QSOs will be welcome.  I LOVE doing 6m AM!

Ellen - AF9J

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>I will be listing during the contest this week end for 6 meter AM contacts 
>on 50.400 from DM04. Also will monitor 6, 2 SSB and 220 FM.
> K6KWQ Dick
> Amps by "MORE POWER"

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