[AMRadio] 10 Meters Active

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Jun 18 19:55:54 EDT 2009

You are being harassed by a nest of freebanders Bernie.  Don't even 
answer them if they don't give a full, proper ham call.  I have had 
them make up what they thought were ham calls, so watch them.


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>I have a question. was on 10 meters a few days ago, band was wide 
>open based
> on beacons, called CQ a few times and had responses from two who 
> chose to
> only respond by apparently the last three letters of their call, 
> IE abc
> etc. What is that all about? is this CB, freebanders, lazy, 
> stupid,  or
> what? I did not and will not respond to this sort of BS.  I hope 
> that is not
> the norm for 10 meters.    Bernie W8RPW

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