[AMRadio] Info needed: KWT-6 (AN/URC-32)

H.L. hl at sfsu.edu
Thu Jun 18 20:00:46 EDT 2009

Help! I am hoping to restore a 1960s Collins HF linear amplifier for
use with a TMC AM exciter. Does anyone on this list have the manual for
the Collins KWT-6 (AN/URC-32) transmitter, either the entire manual
or just the section that covers the linear amplifier unit
(AM-2061/URT) and the section that covers the antenna
coupler/wattmeter unit (180U-2), their schematics, how the PA cooling
is adjusted, and how they are connected. I am interested in either
the original or photocopies of the above sections. Will buy or rent
to do my own photocopying of relevant pages and then return the
original!! The entire manual probably has too many pages to copy.
73 Hal KK6HY
email: kk6hy at arrl.net

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