[AMRadio] YO HO, still a pirate out there

CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 20 12:33:51 EDT 2009

To all on this chain.  Perhaps it was a year or so ago, I let folks know somebody was using my call.  I have received QSL cards for PSK31 contacts on 80 meters, so, knowing how PSK31 works, I would think it was not a typo.  One of the fellows on the local AM net I meet, on Sundays and Tuesdays, along with an AM 6 meter net on Tuesday night, reported he heard someone using my call, phonetically, calling CQ on 3885 a few days ago.  It was not me.  So, if you run across anyone using W4MEC, which I have had since 1994 when I dropped the 'B' of WB4MEC which I held from 1969, let me know via w4mec at arrl.net.  
At this time, I am only meeting the AM nets on 3717 and 50.4.  I will not be operating AM above 40 meters, other than 6 meters,  for the forseeable future.
Charlie, W4MEC in NC


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