[AMRadio] YO HO, still a pirate out there

Ed Sieb esieb at sympatico.ca
Sat Jun 20 12:54:02 EDT 2009

Ha!  You to, eh?

Every so often, I receive a QSL card from Eastern Europe for VE2SS, one of my Quebec
calls.  These are typically for QSO's on 20M.  I do operate 20, but only as VA3ES.  VE2SS
is never used, except when I'm at a Quebec "hamfesse" (sic).   So obviously someone is
bootlegging my call.

Once in  a rare while, the cards are marked "Thanks, Robbie for the QSO", so I know the
sender misidentified my call for Robbie, VY2SS. In those cases I just forward the cards to

Ed, the REAL VE2SS

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