[AMRadio] [AMSWAP] WTB: manual for KWT-6 (AN-URC-32)

H.L. hl at sfsu.edu
Sat Jun 20 14:08:12 EDT 2009

My thanks to all who responded to my appeal for specific manual pages 
and information regarding the COLLINS KWT-6 transmitter (AN/URC-32). 
I have only its linear amplifier module and matching antenna 
coupler/wattmeter module. Since my TMC PAL linear amplifier is almost 
identical to the KWT-6 linear in PA tubes, specifications, and power 
requirements, I am hoping to use its power supply to operate the 
linear using an altered KWM-2 transceiver as a low-power AM exciter 
(K2VVL article: QST June 1963) or, possibly, a FLEX 1500 transceiver, 
which also can provide the nominal 1-Watt input requirement of the 

I am intrigued by the new FLEX or the low power ELECRAFT K3 as AM or 
SSB exciters with the KWT-6 linear--that would be a marriage of 
outstanding technologies 50 years apart!!.

A special thanks to Nick, K4NYW, who provided  pdf files of the 
entire KWT-6 manual--687 pages. This might take a day or two to 

73 Hal KK6HY

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