[AMRadio] AMRadio Digest, Vol 65, Issue 10

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sat Jun 20 14:54:19 EDT 2009

> Good for you Bernie! I have heard more illegal trash up there and we all 
> have to
> be very
> wary of it.   Have fun up there on10, hope to be up there on AM this 
> summer
> myself.
> Dave VE1UJ
> Bernie Doran wrote:
>> I have a question. was on 10 meters a few days ago, band was wide open 
>> based
>> on beacons, called CQ a few times and had responses from two who chose to
>> only respond by apparently the last three letters of their call, IE abc
>> etc. What is that all about? is this CB, freebanders, lazy, stupid,  or
>> what? I did not and will not respond to this sort of BS.  I hope that is 
>> not
>> the norm for 10 meters.    Bernie W8RPW

What I might have done would be to have played with their head a little, by 
pretending like I thought it was a legitimate station but I just didn't copy 
all of the call sign, and asked for a repeat:

"ABC station, I didn't get your prefix.  Please repeat your call"

or "Question mark ABC?  Please repeat your prefix and the number in your 
call,  go ahead. 

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