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The license class does not have a thing in the world to do with being 

I haven't seen a decent test since I got licensed in 1980.

Too many folks really do NOT understand where THEIR signal is "actually" 
at in terms of frequency, if for no other reason that the manuals will 
leave the majority scratching their heads about the offsets being 

I agree with you that ANY ham "should" have enough sense to stay away 
from the edges in any manner of band or sub-band.

But I look around me in this world today, and I must remember that 
Common Sense is dead.

Bob - N0DGN

Bernie Doran wrote:
> Hi Bob.  Interesting. we will have to consider that he /they were out of the 
> SUB BAND.  How far out is determined by where the LSB  extends into the area 
> below 7.125.   Probably most would consider around 7.128 to be the safe 
> lower limit. It just struck me as strange that an Extra does not understand 
> that. However considering the tests, It probably not surprising.  Bernie

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>> Frankly, the operation on the edge between CW and Voice isn't that
>> uncommon regardless of license class. The fact that he was making one
>> contact after another means that ALL of THEM had the same issue!
>> Start up the radio, (even your FT-1000), on 7.130, and start to call for
>> contacts. You're going to drift. Do it with a BC-610 and all bets are off!
>> The "someone" whom said he was operating out of "band" is in error.
>> 6.999 or 7301 are both "out of band".
>> The individual was in the wrong MODE.
>> I do see the sharks swimming because it IS Field Day! If you "just"
>> discovered that it was happening, I wonder where you have been.
>> I am ALL about AM operations, but stay away from the fray when any
>> "significant" contest is running.
>> Bob - N0DGN
>> BC-610, T-213, R-390A, SP-600


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