[AMRadio] 40m SWBC QRM to end 3/29/09

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Tue Mar 10 22:58:58 EDT 2009

Hopefully, most of the broadcasters will move by the 29th, but I suspect 
many will drag their feet.  I doubt that UN forces are going to send in 
troops or tanks to force a few broadcast stations to QSY.

The world financial crisis will be a convenient excuse for the broadcasters 
to stay put, pointing to the costs involved in finding new frequencies and 
re-adjusting equipment and antennas (kind of like the burden US AM'ers claim 
it would be to QSY from 3880-3885 to frequencies below 3750).

At least the Europeans will be allowed to operate on 7125-7200, so that 
two-way phone contacts with the US will be possible without having to waste 
spectrum space by operating split frequency. But don't be surprised if this 
still means finding holes in the broadcast QRM.

Maybe we'll be able to find some common frequencies that are relatively 
QRM-free on both sides of the pond for transatlantic AM.  40m is optimum for 
transatlantic propagation during the prime evening hours in the US, which 
coincides with pre-dawn and early morning operation in Europe.  This is 
especially true after about 0530 GMT when most US slopbucketeers are about 
to go to bed, while early risers in Europe are already up, for making a few 
QSO's before leaving for work or having a leisurely breakfast.  7160 has 
reportedly been broadcast-free in Europe. That might be a frequency to keep 
an eye on, since it was widely used a couple of decades ago by certain US AM 

A great pity that the US phone band expansion didn't extend down to 7075.

But in any case, we will have no transatlantic AM QSO's on 40m unless 
someone on each side of the Atlantic transmits on AM there.

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