[AMRadio] Tower advice

Todd Carpenter n9ysq at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 11 08:50:48 EDT 2009

I have inherited a Mosley tribander with an 18 ft boom. It did not come with a salvagable tower. I have 3 sections of standard TV tower (steel ladder style 3 corner.) I can probably acquire 2 more easily and cheaply. What I would like to do is use one of the 10 ft sections as a base in sufficient concrete for a solid base. The at around 10 ft above ground install a hinge plate to be able to lay the tower over for maintainence. My goal is 35 ft height for the beam with a small extension for a small 2 meter beam and ground plane.  I plan to use heavy guy wires on all three sides. Does this seem plausable? Where should I take extra caution? Thanks. Todd  


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