[AMRadio] Tower advice

Dave Mayfield W9WRL wrl at gwltd.com
Wed Mar 11 13:12:12 EDT 2009

Todd, I have built several towers like your talking about. If you do as 
you have said you will not have any troubles. Here is how the base 
should be made, keep in mind your soil type has something to do with the 
depth of the base. Here in Illinois I would dig the base 20 inches 
square and four feet deep. I then drive four 4ft long by 1/2 or lager 
rebar straight down in the bottom of the hole drive these three feet 
down keeping them apart so that you tower section will set in between 
the rebar, then drive a few more 4ft 1/2 rebar sections at a 45 into the 
sides of the hole. But about 6 inches of rock in the bottom, this will 
allow the water that WILL get into the tower section legs to drain, if 
they don't drain the tower legs will split when the water in the legs 
freezes. This base will hole a 35ft tower and tribander without any 
guys. I have one just like this that stood up to 96 miles per hours 
winds at my place last summer. No guys. if you have room for the guys 
then you should have one set, two sets is better but one will hold it.

Dave W9WRL.com

Todd Carpenter wrote:
> I have inherited a Mosley tribander with an 18 ft boom. It did not come with a salvagable tower. I have 3 sections of standard TV tower (steel ladder style 3 corner.) I can probably acquire 2 more easily and cheaply. What I would like to do is use one of the 10 ft sections as a base in sufficient concrete for a solid base. The at around 10 ft above ground install a hinge plate to be able to lay the tower over for maintainence. My goal is 35 ft height for the beam with a small extension for a small 2 meter beam and ground plane.  I plan to use heavy guy wires on all three sides. Does this seem plausable? Where should I take extra caution? Thanks. Todd  
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