[AMRadio] Another thought

CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 12 08:38:12 EDT 2009

The post by Don, K4KYV, listing the possible freqs that may become available on 40, led me to think about the Oklahoma land rush.  I'm sure most of you have never worked me on 40 or 75 as I mostly stay with a group that meets on 75 on Sunday and Tuesday in Upstate SC and Western NC.  But this might be a time for everybody  to pair off, pick one of the freqs,
setup a sked,  and be on the air when the shutdown occurs.  If everybody lit up at once or fairly close, the folks that are die hard SSB, may not even notice the BC stations went away. Yes, I know, they will too, but it might be a way to stake a claim, in a manner that says, AM ops also have a right to spread out a little too.

Charlie, W4MEC in NC


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