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On March 29, in addition to many AM stations having regular QSOs, I would 
like to see a frequency in the General section (7.175 - 7.200 kHz) and one 
in the Advanced/Extra (7.125 - 7.175 kHz) that had continuous QSO activity 
on it analogous to the what happens on the monthly directed net "First 
Wednesday CCA AM Nights" on 75 meters where more than a hundred stations may 
take part across the country as net control stations hand off to each other 
as propagation changes.


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Not to be preaching to the choir, and not that I'm disagreeing, but this is 
a very very fine line to tread in that it borders on broadcasting. During 
the Riley Hollingsworth days there were FCC actions against hams who were 
hogging THEIR (in their opinion) frequency by doing the same thing. I'm sure 
you all know the person or persons at fault. They were being curmudgeonly 
just to be a-holes.

I'm just saying, if we have some guys who are good at filibustering and can 
take turns on freq. vs. broadcasting even ham related info, we'd be better 
off than opening the AM crowd to FCC actions that the SSB crowd can use 
against us. I'm OK with the SSBS'ers throwing 5.56 at us, but if we give 
them 7.62 or 50cal. to use on us because we handed them the ammo can we've 
got no one to blame but ourselves.

Bill AD5OL

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Charlie W4MEC that's an interesting thought, but we will probably run up 
against the amount of time available to get on and try to keep up a wall of 

Sure, my converted broadcast transmitter will run 24/7 on whatever 40m 
frequency you want, but I may have to resort to recorded programming, like 
the "Best of 75m AM" alternating with the "Best of 10m AM" another time.

I just found a 90 minute tape full of the propagation benefits of Solar 
Cycle 23, with VK2BA and myself in one outstanding QSO, with a sprinkling of 
others. Wow.

Anyway, I'm game, say where.


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