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What I had in mind was long winded rag chewers. Me....I the strong silent type. I can carry my end of a conversation, but there are guys out there who can take a hot sports opinion and chew on it for hours. 


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> Not to be preaching to the choir, and not that I'm disagreeing, but this 
> is a?very very?fine line to tread in that it borders on broadcasting. 
> During the Riley Hollingsworth days there were FCC actions against hams 
> who were hogging THEIR (in their opinion) frequency by doing the same 
> thing. I'm sure you all know the person or persons at fault. They were 
> being curmudgeonly just to be a-holes.

> Bill AD5OL

To make that work, you would need two stations, each running in timed 
sequence so that one transmitter would come on frequency just as soon as the 
other one went off.

But you would have to make sure your Radio Shack timers all worked properly 

I use an automated CQ caller, made from a Sony minidisc player set to repeat 
mode.  I use a tone on the left channel and the voice is recorded on the 
right channel.  There is zero cross-talk with the minidisc; the minidisc 
seems to have perfect channel separation.  The tone activates the T/R relay, 
kind of the way vox works on SSB.  I can let it run over and over again for 
hours if I want.  It will call CQ for about 90 seconds, then go to standby 
for 30 seconds, and keep on repeating until I take manual control of the 
station. I just put it on, then go  to the bench and work on a project.  I 
listen during standby periods for any calls and take manual control if I can 
hear someone come back.  The CQ recording specifies that I have my receiver 
set to AM mode.

Don k4kyv 

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