[AMRadio] Gates BC-1H1 Rescue/Restore Update

M. K. Hess mkhess at kias.org
Wed Mar 25 12:15:39 EDT 2009

John, Thank you!!

There's a link to the WROV "tribute site" on my web page. Apparently the
original WROV went dark, and the allocation was bought out by a chain.

Here's the link: http://www.wrovhistory.com/

I have the BC-1H1, and a buddy of mine has the original BC-1T they used. At
the rate I'm going I should have this thing on the air in a month, or so!
Can't wait, although the good 160 conditions will probably be past us by
then... Oh Well...

It's been a real joy restoring this puppy. I think I'm going to look for
another Bcast Xmitter to rescue soon. I really enjoyed it, and since I gave
up old car restoration, this seems like a fitting
replacement pastime. Since now days a 1 or 5Kw Xmitter is a rack mount unit
you can carry in the trunk of a car, someone needs to keep these old, big
iron beauties on the air! :-)


Mike - N3EAQ

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