[AMRadio] Filament choke

sbjohnston at aol.com sbjohnston at aol.com
Fri May 1 13:55:18 EDT 2009

I've got a fairly wide-spaced 500 pF air variable for the tuning cap so 
no more should be needed there.

For the loading side, I've gathered some "transmitting" caps of 1000 pF 
each, 5kV to 8 kV rating, to go in parallel with either a 1000 pF 
vacuum variable (with motor drive!) or another one of the 500 pF air 

Steve WD8DAS

sbjohnston at aol.com
Radio is your best entertainment value.

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Hi Steve,

What kinda fixed padder capacitors are you placing in parallel with that
plate tuning capacitor, as well as the plate loading cap, in the final

I'm sure you're already well aware of it, but you've gotta be REAL 
these applications, as I discovered here the hard way...! Hi Hi.

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ


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> Here's my schematic so far for the 160m amp:
> http://www.wd8das.net/160m-GI7B.JPG
> This one won't be a as pretty as some... I'm going to build it on a
> steel chassis that has been used by others for at least four other
> projects and is literally swiss-cheesed with useful holes.  (more 
> than steel maybe)
> The front panel is 1/8" aluminum sheet also somewhat holey, but
> smoothed and now painted nicely with textured gray.  The cabinet looks
> like it came from a later-vintage Meissner Signal Shifter with 
> lid and plenty of ventilation holes.
> Steve WD8DAS
> sbjohnston at aol.com
> http://www.wd8das.net/
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