[AMRadio] 7160 hot

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sun May 3 13:51:27 EDT 2009

Listened, heard KD0HG, WA3VJB, W9AD, W0VMC, W8VYZ, with slopbucket 
QRMtesters in the background whining about the AM carriers.

Later, 7160 was clear, and W3GL was heard testing.  I called him and we had 
a brief contact until he began to fade just about the time the jammer came 
on.  The jammer was on 7165 early, about 0358Z.  If Ralph hadn't dropped 
down in strength, his signal would have come through the jammer hash without 
a problem.

Don k4kyv

This message was typed using the DVORAK keyboard layout.


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