[AMRadio] You gotta LOVE IT

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Fri May 8 12:09:24 EDT 2009

The problem is that the "techs" are clueless.

They have NO idea about RF transmitters.

I fought with my ISP for months over different issues.  The one that 
drove me nuts was their constant placing a "filter" in-line with the 
cable that blocked my internet.  The "techs" just grabbed one and threw 
it in line.  The "purpose" was to keep me from "stealing" cable TV.

I finally caught the can open at the curb, REMOVED the stupid filter, 
called them, and told them that UNTIL they installed the CORRECT filter, 
I was holding it.

I FINALLY got a "tech" that could communicate intelligently!  He got the 
CORRECT filter, took the wrong one with, and made NOTES as to OBSERVE 
the DISH on the roof.  Customer gets TV by satellite!

Bob - N0DGN

Ken wrote:
> Had a similar experience with our provider.  The Tech looked in the shack,
> crossed his eyes and almost swallowed his bubble gum! I told him "just
> install
> the gear and let me deal with the RFI.  Two years on the system and still no
> problems.
> Ken/K2UPI


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