[AMRadio] You gotta LOVE IT

Thomas Adams quixote2 at ix.netcom.com
Sat May 9 13:15:33 EDT 2009

At 11:27 08-05-09, Robert Nickels wrote:
>Bob Peters wrote:
> > took one look at the shack
> > and said NO CAN INSTALL you are a Ham Radio
> > Operator and will kick the you know what out of
> > our system.
> >
>I have to say I'm a bit impressed that he could recognize a ham radio
>station when he saw one.  Definitely wasn't trained in the "we have
>blank stares" store.
>What a crock otherwise.  I'd keep rattlin' cages, ask to see where in
>their TOS or contract it's stipulated that their equipment can't
>tolerate RF environments, what field strength level, etc, - send a cc:
>to the FCC ;-)
>73, Bob W9RAN

You've hit the nail on the head, Bob...  and the nail is that these days
we've gotten very sloppy in our use of  the English language.

The Thing that refused the installation is NOT a "technician"; he is, rather,
an "installer", who, for purposes of linguistic laziness (and corporate ego
polishing / self agrandizement), is referred to as a "technician".

To determine the difference between these two classifications is easy; just
look back one year.

A year ago the Technician was in TECH SCHOOL, learning his trade.

A year ago the Installer was  hauling hot tar and rolls of felt up a ladder as
part of a roofing crew!  <<GRIN>>

I learned that one first hand a couple of years ago when Direct TV upgraded
and moved to a new satellite...   the "technicians" who came to MY house
couldn't find the Bird because they didn't know how to operate thier own
portable spectrum analyzer! I had to hold an impromptu Analyzer 101 class
in my driveway...   and believe it or not, they were grateful for the 
lesson. And
the "technician" admitted that six weeks ago HE was running the Hot Tar

I was sympathetic with that...  the WORST summer I ever spent was doing the
same thing!

Mr. T., W9LBB

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