[AMRadio] HF homebrew 100 plus watt vacuum tube Transmitter

Ralph G. Rogers ralphgeraldrogers at yahoo.com
Sun May 10 18:40:48 EDT 2009

Hi Folks,

I am planning on building an Amateur band HF homebrew 100 plus watt
vacuum tube Transmitter. What I need is advice, information and ideas.
I seek to find out what reasonable priced currently being manufactured
100 plus watt transmitter tubes are available and from what source. I
wish to design around the tube so I can expect to find replacements
when needed. 

Respectfully Yours,

Ralph G. Rogers, K5RGR, DCR140T, TxCAP-3866

"It is not the class of the license the Amateur holds,

but rather the class of the Amateur that holds the license."

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