[AMRadio] HF homebrew 100 plus watt vacuum tube Transmitter

John Coleman jc at pctechref.com
Mon May 11 11:11:55 EDT 2009

The decision about what tubes to use is always a topic of a lot of conversation.  For lower than 1000 Volt plate supplies, the multiple 6146s (I would use 3 in the RF and 4 in the modulator) is probably the best choice.  Because of smaller tuning components in the tanks.  Higher voltages means more spacing on everything.  For higher voltages and fewer tubes the 812, 811, 805 and some others mention would be good.  My favorite would be the push pull 812 class C final modulated by class B 811As running 1500 Volts or so.


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Hi Folks,
I am planning on building an Amateur band HF homebrew 100 plus watt
vacuum tube Transmitter. What I need is advice, information and ideas.
I seek to find out what reasonable priced currently being manufactured
100 plus watt transmitter tubes are available and from what source. I
wish to design around the tube so I can expect to find replacements
when needed.
Respectfully Yours,
Ralph G. Rogers, K5RGR, DCR140T, TxCAP-3866

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