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Here is a mirror of the Bama site that you should be able to download from 


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I'm in the process of trying to bring back to life a Gonset Communicator. It 
is the early one with only one xtal socket in the front I'm not sure if this 
is what you call a communicator or a communicator one. It is the 6 meter 12 
volt version. I have a schematic for a 6 volt version but find it different 
in many areas.  For instance the one I have uses a sub minature peanut tube 
a 6BG7 and a 9T8 tube in the reciever. At first I thought the 9T8 tube was a 
mistake but it may be used because of the filament voltage in series with 
the 6BG7 tube. What I could use is a good copy of a schematic for my 
version. I have tried BAMA but for some reason I can never down load 
anything from that site. I do notice they have a six meter version listed 
but not sure if this is the correct one. 

Any body got one? I will pay costs. 

K6KWQ Dick 
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