[AMRadio] ^ meter gonset

RICHARD GEORGE k6kwq at msn.com
Tue May 12 20:58:32 EDT 2009

I guess I was not real clear in my early request on docummemtation for a 
Communicator 6 meter radio I'm working on.

I know how to use Bama, and how to download files. It is difficult at times 
for me to do it as my MSN does't like to go there. I also have the viewers 

The problem is I need a schematic for a six meter gonset that is not the one 
that is on the Bama site. I thought that there may be a Gonset guru out ther 
that may know what I need that fits the model I have.

Thanks for all the replys.

K6KWQ Dick
 Amps by "MORE POWER" 

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