[AMRadio] BC-610 fiasco Again

John Dilks K2TQN oldradio at worldnet.att.net
Wed May 20 06:51:59 EDT 2009

Well I don't take any credit for the fiasco, but that "I" model is my 
old BC-610.  Looks good doesn't it?

I picked it up new at the Andrews AFB MARS station back in '68, 
complete with all coils, plug-ins, spares, tuner and speech amp.  It 
had just been uncrated.

I used it with AF-MARS, on RTTY in Hampton, VA, at my rental home and 
again when I came back to NJ after my service time. (I was assigned 
to the MARS station at Langley, AFB.   Great job! The AF moving 
company broke every step, in my rental, coming down from the second 
floor with that baby.  It worked perfectly when it arrived in NJ.)

Later, when I was building my new home and didn't have time or a 
place to store it, I gave it away to a local ham, who later sold it.

Looking at it now, I wish I still had it.  And NO, I don't intend to bid on it.

73, John Dilks, K2TQN

At 12:28 AM 5/20/2009, James M. Walker wrote:
>Well it's back, and at a higher price than the last time.
>Maybe it's like aging fine wine!
>BC-610 you know where, Item number:200344030668
>"What a Country"

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