[AMRadio] RME 4350 Help!

Jim WB5OXQ inb Waco, TX wb5oxq at grandecom.net
Sat May 30 18:28:17 EDT 2009

I wonder if it received lightning damage or someone  accidentally 
transmitted into it?  Perhaps an open coil where the antenna is coupled into 
the rf amp tube or maybe an open if coil.  Some work with a signal tracer 
will probably locate the problem.  I used to take a small capacitor maybe a 
.01 and jump across coils and see if the signal jumps up.  If it does you 
found a bad one.  Of course a schematic would help lots if you can find one.
Good luck and 73, WB5OXQ

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> Greetings!
> I just acquired a very very nice RME 4350 (not "A"). It is just
> beautiful, but is also pretty deaf. I checked the tubes and found a
> couple of marginal ones that made a marginal improvement. The S meter
> barely moves off the peg and the signals I do hear are weak. I know the
> radio has been.....what?...."restored"? Or at least re-capped somewhat.
> The antenna terminal strip has been replaced with an SO-239, very very
> nicely done. I would love to get this beautiful rig up and running
> correctly. Are there any RME experts on the list? I have the owners
> manual, but it's pretty sparse on details. Is there a service manual? Is
> there a SAMS photofact on this rig? ANY help would be greatly 
> appreciated!!!
> Thanks much es
> 73 de Dan -- WAØJRD ..
> dwright12 at neb.rr.com
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