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hello ive been on vacation and havent been able to get on the comp. ide like to talk to you about all of it ....you can call me at 972 743 0541...thnx svery much 

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Old Ham Radios For Sale - $100 (Aurora)
Reply  to:sale-8kpju-1190175567 at craigslist.org 
Date: 2009-05-26, 4:38PM CDT

I have a bunch of old ham radios I'm trying to sell. This is some of  it, 
but there's a lot more. I was a ham since the early 1970's but have been off  
the air for 9 years. I also inherited all my brother's radios when he died 
about  8 years ago. Everything has been sitting taking up most of the room 
in my  basement and attic for years and its time to clear it out! 
Here is a preliminary list of stuff, contact me with your wants and I'll  
figure out a price. I graded them on an approx 1-5 scale as to appearance, 5  
being highest. Everything has been sitting for at least 9 years. I also 
have  misc manuals and related items, please inquire. 
Ed and Becky (630)585-7055  or _jeepcreep58 at yahoo.com_ 
(mailto:jeepcreep58 at yahoo.com) . 

R-388 4-5 
R-392 4-5 
30S-1 4 
KWM-2 PS 4 
Rack 4 
HW-100 5 
HW-101 4 
SB-620 4 
HM-2163 4 
SA-4020 5  
HW-104 5 (with Power Supply) 
HM-102 4-5 
HM-2102 4-5 
HM-2140 5  
HW-7 4 
HW-8 4 
SB-630 4 
SB-600 3 
HM-11 4-5 
AM-2 4-5  
SB-610 4 
SB-200 4 
SB-220 4 
SB-301 3-4 
SB-401 3-4 
HW-101  4 
HW-101 3 
HP-19A 4 
HM-11 3 
AM-2 4 
AR-14 4-5 
SB-620 4  
SB-640 4-5 
SB-630 4 
DX-35 3-4 
HP-23 4 (I have a bunch of these!)  
QF-1 3-4 
HWA-7-1 4-5 
HW-101 2 
DX-20 2-3 
SB-303 4 
HW-101  (Parts) 1 
TR-4 (w ps) 4 
TR-4 (w ps) 4-5 
MS-4 4-5 
RV-4 4-5  
MN-2000 4-5 
T4XC 4-5 
SX-110 4-5 
S20R 2 
S-58 3-4 
S-38C 2-3  
S-38D 4 
BC-348 (110 v) 5 
BC-348 (110 v) 4 
RBS2 ` 3-4 
Hammarlund HQ-110 4-5 
Henry 2KD 4-5 
Yaesu FT-101EX 4-5  
EV-638 Mic 4-5 
EV-727 Mic 4-5 
EV-719 Mic 4-5 
Shur S3G (Radar's  MASH Mic !) 4-5 
Tempo One w/ps 4 
Swan 500 CX 3-4 
Swan Cygnet 3-4  
Approx radio 500 tubes, most checked in boxes 
Location: Aurora 
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or  other commercial 

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