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Paul, thank you for bringing this wonderful technology into my study.

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Date: 10/31/2009 9:13:36 AM
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Subject: [AMRadio] Website: Global Tuners
Some on this list are already aware, but let me take a few moments to point
out to others that there's a free website with remote-control receivers to
quickly check propagation and to hear "who's on."
It is the internet website globaltuners.com.
I don't think this has been discussed on this particular reflector, and was
reminded to post it this morning after a few hours of listening to 80m along
the East Coast, starting with the Military Net on 3.885.
There are several brands and models of software-controlled receivers
represented on there, and a geographic diversity of where they are located.
This provides a check of band conditions, where you can be calling CQ and
checking various regions as to how you're being heard !
Additionally, the site enables one to obtain an instant "aircheck" of audio
quality, since the stream can be recorded as part of downloading. This
morning there was a guy on with a BC-610, for example, who had his audio
gain all the way up to get enough level for his D-104 to modulate adequately
  Yes, to answer his question, there was some hum.
It would be easy to record a bit of his transmission and email it to him as
an MP3 attachment. (or he could do that himself)
The only downside, if it's that, requires the user to have a sufficiently
fast internet connection. There's a delay, or latency, between the
downstream/buffer and real-time, so you'd drive yourself crazy trying to
listen to yourself as you make a transmission. I think that gets worse the
slower your connection.
The delay can be manageable if you were to try to use this site as your
receiver, which I unintentionally had to do a few weekends ago when I had a
problem with my SP600 during a QSO. The site allowed me to finish the
Anyway, the registration is free, and I guess they want to make sure you
have no bad intent by putting you on a 2 week trial after you sign up. This
trial period limits the amount of adjusting you can do to the receivers
There are text message and status boxes that accompany each receiver to tell
whether it's in use by someone, and to converse with that user, as we did
this morning. The receive site in Connecticut, run by Tom W1TXT, soon
included him, myself and Chris, AJ1G, while Chris was actually on the air
with Dale KW1I and others.
Doing a little multi-tasking, Chris was watching the message box, delivering
regards to those on frequency, who then replied to us as we listened over
the internet.  Cool interactive radio, ya know?
Check it out.
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