[AMRadio] Bias Battery

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Nov 8 11:12:21 EST 2009

Thanks Greg, I found what I was looking for from the nice people here. 
I didn't realize that battery is so commonly used that they are still 
making them.

Shortly after receiving my Conditional ticket back in 1956, I attended 
my first hamfest.  I won the pre-registration prize which was an AF 67. 
I had a lot of fun with that transmitter using it at home and when I 
went to college as a mobile rig.

I have a big amp to use with it if I choose to do that.  The nice thing 
is I managed to get the AF-68, the PMR-7 and the M1070 power supply with 
all cables ready to go.  All this for a very nominal price.  It will be 
a bit of fun to fool with it once I get the electrolytics changed and 
check the radio for any potential problems.  I know it hasn't been 
modified and has been sitting on the shelf for nearly the past 35-40 
years or so.

Should be fun to get and old friend going again.



----- Original Message ----- 

> Hi Jim:
> Someone did find a source for the 22 vdc battery so you should have 
> that
> info shortly.  My AF 67 uses three 9 vdc batteries and a couple of 
> hundred K
> resistor to get the bias dead on.  There is space on the top of the 
> chassis
> on the right had side to velcro in the 3 battery pack.  I'm running my 
> AF 67
> with a Swan MK2 amplifier and Collins R 388 for 200 watts of carrier.
> The old Elmac is a very reliable AM transmitter and I'm sure you will 
> enjoy
> it.
> 73's
> Greg
> Kinston NC

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