[AMRadio] AMRadio Digest, Vol 70, Issue 7

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Nov 9 12:53:58 EST 2009

> Someone did find a source for the 22 vdc battery so you should have that
> info shortly.  My AF 67 uses three 9 vdc batteries and a couple of hundred 
> K
> resistor to get the bias dead on.  There is space on the top of the 
> chassis
> on the right had side to velcro in the 3 battery pack.

Two 9v batteries and a 4½ volt one in series, all standard currently 
available voltages, would give the exact voltage.

Sometimes the local Dollar Store has their house brand alkaline 9v batteries 
on sale in packages of  4 or 6 at less than $1 per battery.  A bunch of 
these wired in series would make a good economical substitute for 90v and 
135v batteries, which I have found to be very expensive and probably beyond 
their expiration date if you can even find them.

Don k4kyv


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