[AMRadio] Collins 618T system info wanted

L D Ritta ufp at optusnet.com.au
Mon Nov 16 02:50:56 EST 2009

Hello John
If you decide to put on the air I have number of manuals two for 
the 618t and one for the whole system which is a Collins manual show the cicuit for 
big green box which is called a MRC-108, I used to have a 618T3B which is
100Hz channel steps, but I sold it in moment of weakness. The manuals I have 
are for sale.

73 Lee VK5ABC
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Subject: [AMRadio] Collins 618T system info wanted

>   Hello AMradioers:
> I just drug home (literally!) a Collins HF transciever system, designed
> for vehicular mounting.
>   In it is the well-known 618T (RT 698/ARC-102); a 426T-1 inverter, and a
> 700B-2 TTY converter.
>    Al this is in a big green submersible case/cabinet, with a 313V-1
> control head.
>   The whole thing is: Reciever Transmitter Group 718F-1
>    I'm not a GreenRadio collector, but I am sort-of-basically familiar 
> with the 618T, and somewhere I have the docs on the 700B.  I'd like to 
> have any thoughts, wisdom, cautions, etc about the radio and it's 
> components... I'm thinking it might be fun to put it on the air, as 
> several articles call out the good audio quality, both SSB and AM, and of 
> course it's 400W PEP.
>    I have no idea yet what to do with the lovely vehicle case...  not
> planning on doing any off-road DXpeditions anytime soon. hihi..
>    I'd welcome any and all comments on this radio, on the list or
> privately. I don't know much about the system as a whole.
>    I'll post this to the Boatanchors list as well - but I'm not all that 
> keen on subscribing to any mil- or green- radio lists, too much in my 
> inbox as it is.  If you'd like to crosspost this to one of those, please 
> do - but direct replies to me personally.
>  Cheers
> John KB6SCO
> Carson City
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