[AMRadio] Add FedEx ground to the bum list

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Nov 16 11:14:20 EST 2009

Couple of thought to add to this line.  First, take pictures of the item 
before you pack and keep in case some thing happens.  If you show them 
the item picture and packing then they cannot claim bad condition before 

Second, establish value through any means you can.  One thing that has 
worked for me in the past is find a person who is an appraiser (antique 
appraiser who just happened to be the wife of a ham friend).  With good 
pictures and value information you find on the web that tells them how 
much the equipment has sold for, (even at auction), then they will give 
you a written appraisal that is near what it costs to replace.

Armed with this you can confront any shipper.  Remember when you buy 
coverage from any shipper, it is not "insurance" in the traditional way. 
It is merely contents coverage and the shipping company is providing 
basic coverage by the pound.  If you add to this, the coverage amount is 
raised but the rules are the same.

There are companies out there that insure contents that are carried by 
common carrier and their costs is very reasonable, in most cases less 
then the carrier coverage.  These companies don't argue nearly as much 
as the carrier themselves.  Ask any pack and ship shop who they use, 
most do not rely on UPS or FEDEX nor the USPS to pay.


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> Moral of the story is, as always, it matters not which shipper you use
> - your time will come if you ship enough stuff. I'd been moving radio
> gear all over the globe for more than a decade with no issues, using
> mainly UPS for large items and USPS Priority for smaller items. >
> ~ Todd,  KA1KAQ/4

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