[AMRadio] collins "S METER"

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Wed Nov 18 15:43:34 EST 2009


Try to get inside the meter, and look at the gap between the fixed 
magnets and the rotating armature.

Many times the real issue is metal particles that have been attracted 
there.  It is a royal PIA, but with adequate care, and strips of paper 
or such, you can get the particles out of there.

Bob - N0DGN

Bernie Doran wrote:
> I have a sticky 75a2 meter. I took it apart and there is no rubbing of the 
> needle on anything, I losened the bearings slightly, that seemed to free it, 
> however it is again sluggish. If rapped it will then move. any ideas? does 
> anyone know who made the meters and a model number, I may be able to find 
> another one and simply change the dial plate.  would like to keep the 
> illumination of course.    Bernie W8RPW 

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