[AMRadio] RE 75A4 and other old gear

Bernie Doran qedconsultants at embarqmail.com
Fri Nov 20 12:15:39 EST 2009

Hi all: James's HRO50 sounds like the oldest so far. I also acquired an HRO 
50-1 in the spring and am still trying to get it going. got a 75A2 abt two 
moths ago and it is now recapped and sounds great. it is a better rx than my 
FT1000 Mark V, that thing hears stuff that is not there!!!  always have 
mixed feelings about modifying very much, but that is exactly what the 
factories did, ex. HRO50 and then HRO50-1.  glad I posted that query.

wish I had my heath AT-1 back, 1954,   the first six mo, with that was more 
excitment that the last 50 + years. I worked at Universal Service in Cols( 
Gibby W8IJ)  , lived at home, made $1.20 per hour when I bought the 75A4.  3 
mos pay!!!  Bernie
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>I have my original HRO-50, purchased new from Steinburgs in Cincinnati in 
>the summer of 1950 (thanks, Dad!).  It's had a few mods over the years, 
>like a pair of mechanical filters and a tee-notch, a product detector and 
>audio derived avc, saturated reactor filament regulation for the local 
>oscillator, mixer, and bfo, a noise limiter ala the NC-303, and a 
>calibrator that gives me markers at 100 kc, 50 kc, 25 kc, or 10 kc.  I also 
>put a muffin exhaust fan on the back that materially reduced the warm-up 
>drift.  It's still my favorite, go-to receiver.
> Jim, W8KGI
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