[AMRadio] CQ sweepstakes, CQ sweepstakes

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Nov 22 21:35:13 EST 2009

Well the SSB crowd is all over the normal AM operating frequencies like 
fleas on a stray dog.  They seem to love to zero beat an AM carrier and 
call and call.   What toads are produced by the organization that 
sponsors sweepstakes.

Never mind, around 8 PM I heard N0BF and old friend up in the mountains 
NW of Denver talking to another Steve, KL7OF out in Tum Tum, Washington. 
When they signed I called Colorado Steve and we visited a few minutes. 
It was good to talk to an old friend.  Then we signed and Steve in 
Washington called me.  I screwed down the crystal filter and we 
exchanged pleasantries for nearly 10 minutes.  I am looking forward to a 
time when the aflack crowd is not on the air running 5 KW to talk to 
someone in the next state to exchange signal reports.

It is too bad that these people who just show up for contests are such 
tur**.  The band is in great condition and we should be working coast to 
coast regularly before long.


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