[AMRadio] CQ sweepstakes, CQ sweepstakes

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Nov 22 23:14:07 EST 2009

I don't know Brett.  They must have very tight filters if they zero beat 
a contact in progress and call CQ.  Those are the ones that give the 
nice guys a bad name.  If they want to have fun that is fine, but when 
they become a irritant on purpose that is too much.

And they did that tonight.


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>I heard many fine qso's on 80 today, in spite of the contest.
> I have no use at all for contests but if lots of other people enjoy 
> them, I
> can find something else to do and let them have their fun.
> While I was listening, I noticed the contesters seemed to be polite 
> and stay
> somewhat clear of the AM qso's, they have much tighter filters...
> I also heard them ask if the frequency was in use and move off if 
> someone
> said it was.
> They did not move far off, but they did move.
> It sure does not seem like a lot of fun to me, but there are plenty of
> people involved, so it must be fun for them.
> Brett

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