[AMRadio] CQ sweepstakes, CQ sweepstakes

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Nov 23 21:47:21 EST 2009

> Reminds me of the night back in the late 1970's when the ARRL CD contest
> wandered onto 3895. The '95'ers started calling CQ CB and started giving
> CB calls and handles e.g."Moon Pie" as their exchange. The guys who were
> looking for other CD(SCM,etc.) stations were trying to explain what CD
> was, and that made it worse, so after 10 minutes or so, they scrammed off
> 95 or anywhere close by.
>                                                                  Joe W4AAB

I recall locking horns with the 3895 slopbucket group back in the early 
70's.  I had just had a run-in with one of their ringleaders and naturally I 
was on the faeces list of the whole group.

One night I heard them in QSO doing a CB spoof, using made-up callsigns with 
the proper  FCC format for CB calls when the commission used to issue them, 
with my suffix as their prefix:

"KYV2940 this is KYV1734, ten four?"

I suppose they thought it was funny and that if I  heard it I would be 
highly offended.  Actually, I found it hilarious and was practically rolling 
in the floor with laughter.

Don k4kyv


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